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About Us

Bambizulu, was created by Sinegugu Ngxongo, granddaughter to Masterweaver Beauty Ngxongo, as a platform to represent the work of artists in the Hlabisa area to a wider public.

Our intention is for the artist to better govern the price of their art  minimizing the number of intermediaries between the artist and the final buyer thereby ensuring more of the sale value flows directly to the artist. Which is why Bambizulu opens communication directly to the artist and for the buyer to have certainty of the creator of the piece.

Bambizulu is also meant to give the artist a louder voice by allowing their work to be represented as the true pieces of art they are and to give recognition to the level of effort and the degree of creativity that goes into the creation of every item.

Bambizulu therefore speaks with the voices of authenticity for the artists they represent and is the first entity that provides the artist with direct exposure to exhibit and interact with a larger group of potential collectors. Another one of our ideals is to encourage individuals and organizations to purchase locally made products thereby supporting local job creation and industry.​

Our Goal

Bambizulu is a South African producer of unique designs and high quality products not harmful to the environment. Our goal is to pioneer and revolutionize our craft art inventively and sustainably.

The sustainability of Zulu basketry and African craft business and preservation of the cultural or traditional craft arts is a vital aspect  that contributes to the global and our country’s movement towards a greener environment.

The rural communities where we make our craft arts have been learning and participating on environmental care, as all our materials do come from nature therefore we also must take care of nature.